As a collective, my art reflects the female perspective, activism, maternity, and the art of care.  It does this by ornamenting symbols with autobiographic commentary, discussion of social issues, and disruption or distortion of an original image through glitch or manipulation. By controlling and destructing an image until the original space and context is taken away and transmuted to a non-space, continuing the illusion of existence beyond the central image, the over arching themes of rebellion and compartmentalization suggest an internal power struggle indicative of personal emotions and circumstances. Media ranges from acrylic paint, to digital forms, to fiber; mixed media speaks to the multiplicity of experiences and perspectives I hold and represent as an individual.

 Visual motifs of rigid, serrated edges, and contrasting colors or textures force the viewer to experience the uncomfortable silences and spaces present across my work. Within public works of art, large projections or murals either affect or represent a particular neighborhood of thought and experience. This brings physical engagement into play: whether the piece is digital, a sculpture, or graffiti, and whether the work is displayed in a gallery setting or public space, ones perspective can be transformed, and thus challenged.

The see-saw of control over my work is an aspect that makes it experiential and, in many respects, ephemeral. The ability to display the collection of work outside of a gallery or studio allows for selective manipulation as well as documentation of the process of art making. The process of creation never ends because of this. The work is then able to push viewers to challenge assumptions and their own experience, often employing irony and shock to destroy preconceived notions of what one is viewing.